Community Spotlight: Meet Holistic Health Celebrity, Koya Webb

By Elle & Anther

If you have an interest in spirituality, holistic wellness or vegan eats, then you may have already heard of celebrity yoga instructor and holistic health coach, Koya Webb. Based in sunny California, Webb is recognized across the globe for her expert knowledge of holistic, sustainable ways to help people unlock their full physical and spiritual potential. 


At the core of her beliefs about optimal health is the importance of self-love. Put simply, self-love is the practice of treating yourself with kindness out of regard for your personal worth and wellbeing. Webb’s Get Loved Up podcast is dedicated to helping people along in their self-love journeys, discussing topics related to inner wisdom, herbal healing, relationships and more. Koya has also penned a book titled Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, which delves into some of the personal challenges she has faced in her life, and shares some powerful wisdom about moving past struggles and self-doubt to reach new levels of success. 


Webb frequently travels to destinations worldwide to teach yoga, meditation, and holistic health. Her expertise in these practices has landed her appearances on such networks as CBS and NBC, and has catapulted her to celebrity status within the realm of wellness. She has been featured in numerous health and lifestyle magazines and is currently sponsored by ALO Yoga, Aveda, and ToeSox. 


Healthy, holistic living is now attainable for more people around the world thanks to Koya Webb’s committed efforts and teaching. Her rise to prominence in the spirituality and wellness community is an inspiration for everyone, and is especially encouraging to other women of color in these spaces. 


To learn more about Koya and stay up to date on what she is doing, you can find her on Instagram at @koyawebb!


With love,

Elle & Anther


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